Sunday, March 10, 2013


Some people live through difficult situations that no one should have to face. Not everyone is nice. Not everything is fair. Today after Zumba class, I was talking to a woman who works for Seattle Parks and Recreation who talked about the woman in the news who shot someone. I learned that this woman had watched her husband burn to death in a fire a few months prior and had asked for more time off. This woman should have gotten the time off. I think it is also important in every work environment for exercise to be encouraged to take care of stress. It should be mandatory for everyone to exercise an hour a day--take yoga, walk, run, use the gym, Zumba, etc. Exercise is the best way to relieve stress. It is also good to stay away from medications with warnings of side effects that say violence actions can occur, or suicide, or death.  So little is known about the brain. Eating healthy, exercising, and self care are the most important things to do to help anyone. Not everyone has a perfect life. Things happen but it is important to be nice to everyone, be calm, exercise, eat healthy, and look for the positive as you move forward in life.

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