Monday, March 18, 2013

Seattle Metro

I am so impressed with Seattle Metro and the bus system here in Seattle. I'm sure it is unlike other cities because I don't see how it could be any better. I'm lucky to live in a great spot where I am next to a bus stop for bus 41 that comes 4 times an hour during week days and 2 times on Sundays. I don't even check the schedule when I want to use the bus. I just walk out and wait because I know one will come soon. And this great bus takes me downtown in the tunnel under Benaroya Hall in 15 minutes. It goes on I-5 so it is fast. It is really amazing and I feel so blessed to use the bus system. I ride bus 16 when I want to go to Green Lake or Wallingford or the Seattle Center. It takes longer because it winds around the neighborhoods so then it is good to take a book along in my purse. That's fine too.

Seattle has it all. A great bus system, great events to see and museums and Broadway plays. Parking kind of sucks here in Seattle, to be blunt. That is why I am grateful to use the bus. I don't want to pay for parking when I use the library downtown or go to have lunch with my son downtown or go to the Seattle Art Museum or go to Pike Place Market.

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