Friday, March 22, 2013

Seattle Symphony Orchestra

I went to the see the Seattle Symphony Orchestra this afternoon play Beethoven's 5th. It was glorious. It was perfection. It was as if all the thousands of hours of practice time culminated for everyone in the orchestra this afternoon to make the 32 minutes perfect. Everyone seemed to know the music by heart and felt every note, including the conductor. It was as close to heaven as you can get.

 Overture to Don Giovanni by Mozart was played at the beginning. I hadn't heard it before. This is what is so special about coming to the symphony is that you learn. Next was a Cello Symphony Op. 68 by Benjamin Britten with a cello solo by Gautier Capucon. It was extraordinary. It was a difficult piece with dissonant chords.

People stood and cheered after each one of the performances. It was all perfection. I'm so grateful that once in awhile I get to attend and sit in one of the less expensive seats to listen.

I was wondering on the way home as I was riding the bus about digital music. I wonder why there isn't a large thin screen on the music stand for each musician that changes to the new music and instantly turns pages as the music is played. It seems like the old-fashioned hand turning method is not good enough, especially when the violin section is urgently bowing and do not have time to turn pages.

This event was sponsored by Snoqualmie Casino. Thank you Snoqualmie Casino!

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