Friday, March 29, 2013

Assisted Living

I'm tired of people suggesting to me that I need to consider and go into assisted living. I may have just turned 65 but I am not ready to be old yet. In another 20 years, I'll consider it but not one minute before. I'm getting a little crabby about this issue so I want to make myself very clear on how I feel. As long as I can take care of myself and am healthy, no one should bother me. I exercise at the gym. I don't take any medications. I eat healthy. I take lots of vitamins. I pay my bills. I do all my daily chores so leave me alone. It would feel like an early death to go into assisted living. It's really odd because I'll be sitting next to a complete stranger on the bus or talk to someone I hardly know and they will bring up the subject that I would love it. I wouldn't love it. Maybe I will feel differently when I am 85. I doubt it.

I've never lived alone before and get to do what I want when I want. I have lots of living to do before I am ready to surrender to nonsense.

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