Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am at another crossroads in my life. I had 5 kids and was married for 39 years. My kids are all grown up and doing well. I am not valued by them or not as much as I would like. They are all busy and I get a little bit of time here and there or few minutes on the phone when there is time. No one wants me living in the same city or really wants me around that often so I guess I could move anywhere. Life is moving forward to find the good in the world around me and see what I can make of my life with the time that I have left. I am a good person and I have lots to give. I want to go where I am needed, valued, and wanted. I need friends and mentors who will encourage me to be my best.

Yesterday I talked to someone from Israel about a school online to learn Hebrew. I was told that I would be welcome to move to Israel. Maybe I should seriously think about this. After all before my husband passed away two years ago, we were planning on moving to Germany. Germany is a great country with a high quality of life. I also would be interested in Sweden, Norway or Finland.

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