Monday, March 18, 2013


I have been writing since 1999. Actually before that, if you count that I was trying to write screen plays in the 4th and 5th grade and that I was writing children's stories when my children were young. I sent one children's story to Sesame Street Publishing. They said that it was a great story but they recently published a story that was similar and they sent me a copy of the book so I just gave up. I didn't realize that they were telling me something golden and that I should keep trying. I've been reading about writing. I have lots of books to show  with a whole bookcase full of writing craft books. I've been subscribing to The Writer and Writer's Digest for years and years. Sometimes I subscribe to Poets and Writers and buy other magazines like about writing screenplays. I've participated in National Novel Writing Month in 2005, 2008, and 2012 and completed the challenge of writing the first draft of a novel in the month of November. There is some great stuff in each of these novels. I've also participated in Script Frenzy in 2009 in which I wrote the first draft of a screenplay based on the Nano Novel that I wrote in 2008. I've also edited lots of newsletters and wrote freelance articles that were published. I enjoy writing. I love to write and do the research. I've taken lots of  classes through the mail. Sometimes I feel like I don't know anything and what is the point of continuing. It's hard when you feel like anything you do doesn't matter and when you don't have friends or mentors. What's the point of continuing to do something that is so isolating and sedentary? If I started a magazine or edited a neighborhood paper or did something like this, it would be better. Maybe... Maybe not... I guess I need an editor to talk to and who believes in me or a writer to work with who loves to edit so I can always create. I love creating the best. I get tired of the editing process unless I know I am winning and hitting the mark and have feedback.

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