Thursday, March 07, 2013

I am under the dome. You can be under the dome too by going to and putting in your address.

I'm excited for the summer television series, Under the Dome. I read the book years ago and it was great. I need to reread it again. It is a study in anthropology or human relationships under pressure. Stephen King is a master writer. No one touches his ability to create characters, tell the truth in ways that many do not have the courage to tell, and scare the hell out of you!

The most inspirational writing article I have ever read was written by Stephen King. It was published in Writers Digest in April of 2001, "10 Pages a Day." Stephen King's advice makes you feel like you can do it, write it, and be a writer. The first writing craft book I read and the one that continues to inspire me is his book, ON WRITING. His writing process is an adventure and the most fun to follow. He says, "Writing is at its best--always, always, always--when it is a kind of inspired play for the writer." I know this is true because when I just dive in and write without paying too much attention to detailed plotting, I have the most fun and discover paths and people and situations I didn't know I would run into. It IS an adventure to write this way. I have a whole bookcase full of writing craft books that I find valuable but Stephen King's book is still my favorite.

Yes, it is important to have a working knowledge of plot, how to create characters, setting, write dialogue. It is important to read The Writer, Writers Digest, and the other excellent writing craft magazines and writing craft books, take classes, go to conferences, etc. Some writers find it comforting to have everything written out in an outline. Stephen King, who knows how to do it all, takes off on an adventure when he writes. I guess the answer is to follow his schedule if you want to be a serious writer--write in the morning 10 pages a day, read in the evening. He writes 365 days a year. Nothing stops him or deters him from what he is working on.

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