Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beans and Rice

I went to QFC this evening to buy a couple of things I needed to make the beans and rice recipe I found on Facebook this morning posted by this amazing writer, Melissa Hart. I don't know her personally but I really admire her. I've been reading her articles in the Writer for years and she is a professor at the University of Oregon at the School of Journalism. She was kind to be a Facebook friend.

Anyway, I just had to make this beans and rice recipe from Costa Rica after work. What really seemed to emphasize the need was waiting on this neat lady at Joann Fabrics who was wearing a Costa Rica shirt, which reminded me of Melissa Hart, which reminded me of the cruise my husband and I took through the Panama Canal stopping at Costa Rica. I remember the Toucan in the eves of the outdoor restaurant where we ate. My husband remembered seeing crocodiles on the beach. I don't remember ever seeing crocodiles.

Beans and rice from Costa Rica..................

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