Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kelly's Kloset

Kelly's Kloset is a featured blog on Google and Blogger today and it is worth the look. Fashion, style, Florida events, and brand names dominate as Kelly poses showing featured picks. It's an impressive successful blog.

It inspires me to want to do a crafting or a Joann Fabrics blog to show all the amazing products and creative projects. It would be fun. If I were given permission and started another blog, I could feature my store #805 with photos of those wanting to participate. I could show creative projects. I could feature fabrics, patterns, and garments. I could show yarn and finished projects. So much is possible. So many quilts. So many blankets. So many ideas to highlight. I would want to showcase the talents of others with whom I work and customers who shop at Joann's. What fun! I could also feature crafting events in the Seattle area and show all the amazing craft guilds and groups in the area with examples of projects. I like to showcase the talents of others. It makes me happy. Wondering about making this happen...................

The last time I worked a gentleman came in looking for 2 mm Swarovski crystals to replace diamonds in his beautiful watch. The last two days I worked a young guy working on a construction project came in and bought 30 yards of black fabric to use as curtain dividers to hide the work space from the restaurant. There is a kind lady who comes in often buying fabric who must be singlehandedly sewing every wedding gown in the area. She's not even making any money. She has earned the reputation in her church and everyone comes to her for help. A young man came in to buy fleece for a surf board cover. So many heroes walk through the door of Joann Fabrics who are working on projects to help others and to donate for charity. So many people come through the door with exciting or interesting projects they are working on. So many people working on beautiful quilts, sweaters, blankets, etc. Women from other countries buying lengths of fabric for dresses. It would be fun to be able to carry my camera, interview on the spot asking a few questions, and showcase it in a blog. So much is possible.

There are so many new exciting products sold in Joann Fabrics. New ones come in every day. I'm constantly amazed at the variety and choices. I could also highlight products and show how they can be used featuring customers and team members from Joann's.

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