Saturday, August 03, 2013

Zumba Event at 24 Hour Fitness Supersport in Northgate

Here are the photos from the Zumba Event last night. I'm the fat one in the yellow Zumba shirt near the front. I had a great time. It's always fun to Zumba. In the front row on the top photo are AJ, Niel, and Michelle who are all Zumba instructors. I don't see Christina in the photos who is also an instructor. She teaches on Sunday mornings.
I woke up at this wee hour thinking of Zumba. The music of marioneta was playing in my head. I wanted to start practicing the choreography of this song but you can't just start playing music in an apartment building and dancing on people's heads at 1:47 a.m. AJ was kind and encouraging last night when I talked to him before Zumba. I'm going to just start practicing at least a half hour every single day to memorize the choreography of one song and then moving onto the next like AJ suggested. I'm going to start with marioneta because I suspect it is a Zumba Gold song. I love it.
I wish I knew that I would have a place to teach after I memorize the choreography. Sometimes you just have to have faith that everything is going to work out.

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