Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Joann Fabrics

I worked this evening at Joann Fabrics. My shift was from 5:30 to 9:30. I was asked to check in early because the store was very busy. Then I was asked to work at the register. We were very busy. I love it when we are busy and I enjoy working at the register. The register practically works itself and is easy to use.

Nic was working in the back room. She's very intelligent and a gifted artist. She's valued and gets things done. Everyone can count on her.

I closed with Debbie and Heather. Heather is a supervisor. Both were working very hard all evening to get everything done. There was so much fabric that had to be put away around the cutting counter when I came to work that I was surprised that it all got put away, especially since the store was so busy at the cutting counter. Heather was busy supervising, helping to solve problems. She worked very hard and was busy all night. I can honestly say that I haven't seen a supervisor work as hard as Heather this evening.

It was a pleasure to work with Debbie, Heather, and Nic. I have a day off tomorrow.

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