Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seattle Police Officers

Whenever I see a blue vehicle of the Seattle Police, I think that they need a bigger budget for more police officers, new cars, more equipment, and whatever they need to do their job. I am also grateful for all they do. They go out first when it is the most dangerous of circumstances. I admire police officers. I know that not all have responded in the best way but they must respond immediately, instantly, and I think that for the most part, they are doing the best they can to protect and to serve the public.

I think that they should get all new vehicles with the best equipment and whatever they need. I think that there should be more police officers hired.

I love Seattle. I think that the Seattle Police Department is doing an amazing job already in protecting the quality of life in Seattle. After all, this is Seattle, the greatest city in the world!

I think that we should thank the Seattle Police Department for their fine service and for all they do every day to keep everyone safe. So I say Thank You!

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