Monday, December 31, 2012

King County Sheriff Department in Seattle

I came home from Ohio today in the early afternoon. I did laundry, dishes, unpacked, and made a list of things to do tomorrow. After I did the laundry, I noticed that an Xfinity key pad was on the wall in my apartment for the home security system that I had installed on December 17th and taken out on December 21st. I made the decision that I didn't want to continue with the security system so had it removed. I didn't want to have to pay for three years when I didn't feel confident in the security system.

On December 21st, the installer came and removed all equipment. He removed the motion detector, sensors on all windows, sliding glass door and front door. He removed the key pad. He removed the wireless equipment. I have the receipt that he removed the equipment. I also called XFinity this evening too. I decided to call the police. I had proof that someone had been in my apartment when I was in Ohio. I wanted a record made of this since I have had problems with someone coming into my apartment when I am gone.

Officer A.Richards #7497 came. He was very courteous and respectful. He made a report 12-445614. Officer Richards said I should put on a new lock on my apartment door and that even the apartment manager doesn't get a key. He also suggested that I call ADT since I have had ADT for several years in the past.

I appreciate that I was taken seriously. I appreciate that I was treated with respect. We need more police officers like Officer Richards. I support the King County Police Department. I am impressed with Officer Richards. I'm impressed that he came out to investigate. This wouldn't have been investigated in many cities across the country. Seattle is a great city and I am proud to live here. I appreciate that he came.

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