Monday, December 10, 2012

Niel Smith -- Zumba Instructor

I went to Niel's Zumba class tonight at 24 Hour Fitness and had a great time. It's magical in his class because it is so much fun. Everyone is having a great time moving to the music. Everyone's eyes are on Niel. I guess someone complained about him because he's too provocative. That's ridiculous! He can't help it that he's cute and sexy and knows how to move. Zumba is Latin inspired dance which is sexy anyway. Add Niel to Zumba and you have magic! During the hour of class you live in the moment. There were smiles all around. Everyone was having a good time. It is the only time during the week when I feel truly happy inside.

I asked Niel if I could take a photo with him since I had my phone with me. He graciously said yes. He's very kind and such a nice person. So here he is........

Yes, I'm the fat one but I am really trying to get thinner. It helps to get to go to Niel's class because Zumba is so much fun that it doesn't feel like exercise. So I'm silly but I don't care. I'm grateful that I get to learn from him and have fun. Pretty soon, he'll be off doing amazing things like be in the movies. He already jets all over the world to exotic places. He's really a celebrity and for the time being, I'm lucky to get to take his class.

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