Sunday, December 02, 2012

Candy Cane Dash in Shoreline

I signed up to walk in the Candy Cane Dash in Shoreline yesterday or 12-1-12. It was a 5k. I tried to run a little bit but most of the time I walked. I came in last but you have to start somewhere. I came in with a time of 1 hour and 2 minutes and something. My number was 233.

The results are supposed to be up on the website soon at

I had a great time. I wasn't sure about the weather when I started. It was windy and there was pouring rain. It cleared up when the race started and started raining again when the race ended. The course was beautiful and most of it on paved trails. It was very nice and fun.

The Candy Cane Dash was set up as a senior project for Shorecrest HIgh School. They did a lot of work to make it really nice for all participants.

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