Wednesday, December 19, 2012

XFinity Home Security

After watching all the great commercials about XFinity Home Security systems I decided to get one. I've had security systems in the past with Brinks and ADT for the last 12 plus years and see the value. It's only $29.95 a month and installation is free. It gives the impression that you get to monitor remotely on another computer or smart phone the inside of your home to see what is going on but I found out this costs extra. The installer came on December 17th wearing an XFinity Home Security system shirt and came with equipment. He handed me his XFinity Home Security business card and drove an XFinity van. The manager of my apartment building said that "he sure took a long time," and he did because it took about 3 to 3 1/2 hours to put sensors on three windows, sliding door, and front door plus do all the set up and paperwork.

Two things made me concerned during the visit. My Norton Anti-Virus Protection was in the red warning area when it was time to enter my password on the Comcast website so I refused to do so. It was green and safe in the morning. He wanted me to enter my password on his laptop, which I refused to do. I know that he can access my secure information even though he goes through the process of supposedly wiping it clean. He also wanted me to hand over my keys, which I refused to do because he could take impressions and gain access when I am gone so I went with him walking back and forth to let him in and out.

If I weren't so careful, I wouldn't have found out this morning by making several phone calls that he didn't enter my cell phone to call if there were a problem, which means that I could be away and never notified of an alarm event!!! He also didn't enter information of other numbers to call. I wasn't told about a second code called a duress code which is supposed to be good to alert XFinity Home in the event that I was followed and needed help. He entered a code. He didn't tell me about it or explain anything about this.

Yesterday I left for work and armed the system. I saw the history on the touch screen of everything that had happened prior to leaving for work since the time the system was activated. When I returned from work, I checked the history and the history was completely eliminated. Why??? I suspected someone was in my apartment and eliminated the history. I also discovered the duress code. I hadn't been told about this second code and it had been set up for me. Why??? This morning when I called I saw on the history on the website that at 9:35 a.m., WHILE I WAS AT WORK, that my system was armed by the user, ME, using the master code, KNOWN ONLY BY ME, on the touchscreen IN MY APARTMENT! This tells me that someone was in my apartment. I talked to someone in technical support and someone called me back. They said that it was some kind of remote update from the monitoring station. If this were true, it would say that it was from a monitoring station and that it was an update. It wouldn't say that the user entered the master code on the touchscreen in my apartment to arm the system at the time when I wasn't even in the apartment.

Red flag after red flag after red flag so I cancelled my XFinity Home Security system. I am very disappointed and concerned about this unprofessional service and I do not have confidence in the security of this security system.

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