Friday, December 07, 2012


I drove up to Lynnwood to Walmart on 164th a couple of days ago. The parking lot was crowded. When I walked in the door, I saw bargain after bargain. There were knitted stockings to be used for slippers that were only $1 and they were really nice for a gift.

What I love about Walmart is buying White Stag clothing for bargain prices that I used to buy in the most expensive stores back when I was in high school. You can count on quality with the name White Stag and you still can. I bought five pairs of White Stag black pants for around $10 each that if I were to duplicate, I would have to pay 5 times the amount. Walmart also sells Carter baby clothes, which I always give as gifts because I am proud to give Carters as a baby gift. It is always nice. It is always quality. Walmart also sells Disney clothing for children, which is another great quality brand.

I can buy almost anything for less at Walmart. The store was packed with great bargains for shoppers so no one is going to have any trouble for Christmas on a budget going to Walmart.

I will always love Walmart because one of my sons is a supervisor of supervisors at Walmart in Florida plus I enjoy buying at Walmart.

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