Thursday, December 06, 2012

Snoqualmie Casino

In the second section of the Seattle Times this morning is an article about the Snoqualmie Casino wanting to build a 20 story hotel at the Casino. Why not? The casino is on a ledge over looking the valley. It isn't going to obstruct anyone's view. It will blend into the landscape. You go down to the casino. To build up makes sense. The Snoqualmie Casino needs a hotel very badly because they have events bringing in name stars and bands, and there is no place for people to stay. You must drive back home.

I was surprised that the Snoqualmie Falls and Lodge isn't owned by the Snoqualmie Casino. One of the first things that I asked when I visited the Snoqualmie Casino was if they were linked and if there was a shuttle back and forth to the Lodge because how in the world can you see some of the big name people who come to the Casino in the lounge unless you spend the night? The answer is that you have to drive home or you have to drive to one of the places nearby to spend the night or you have to drive to the Snoqualmie Falls Lodge. The point is that you have to drive. You can't come in on one of the Snoqualmie Express buses and spend the night because you don't have a car.

I think and believe very strongly that the Snoqualmie Casino urgently needs to build a hotel. Yes, a 20 story hotel is needed on site. It will be used by people who come in on the Express buses and by people driving to the casino.

So why doesn't the Mayor of Snoqualmie understand and see this need? It isn't going to obstruct any views. With the right architect, it will blend right in to the land, just like the casino does. What is the problem?

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