Sunday, November 25, 2012


I was invited to spend Thanksgiving in Salem, Oregon with my daughter and her family. I didn't want to drive in the bad weather with all the heavy traffic so I decided to buy an Amtrak ticket and I'm so glad I did. I love trains. It's so much easier to ride on the train than to drive and the cost is almost the same as driving.

I rode the bus next to my apartment building to downtown Seattle underground and came out in the International District which is one block from the train station. This is so convenient.

I had the best time. I sat near four people and really had a good time talking to them. When you share the same space for a period of time and the other person is willing to talk, you get a peek into their world. In the waiting room, I sat next to a woman who was waiting for her daughter who sounds amazing. She teaches bright kids chemistry and physics. I sat next to a young woman going to Salem who is an anthropology major and wants to be a curator at a fashion museum in NYC. I sat across from a really neat guy who lives a charmed life traveling all over the world and enjoys skiing. He was fun to talk to and I really enjoyed his company. He's very special and surrounded by lots of friends and family. He works hard and plays hard and enjoys life. Perfect!

On the way back I sat next to a young woman who spent the last five years in NYC and went to Parson's School of Design. These are all amazing people. I probably will never see them again but I don't think I will forget any of them.

I really love trains. I loved it when the conductor called "All Aboard!" I love hearing the train whistle and seeing the train. I love eating on the train. I love everything about trains.

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