Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coco Ho

I was goofing off and watching TV and I found surfing. I love to watch surfing. In my heart, I am a surfer girl. I would need to learn how to swim well, take off 40 years, and 100 pounds to pull it off though.

Coco Ho is a surfer girl from Hawaii. She has won the Paul Mitchell title of SUPERGIRL PRO SURFER for the last couple of years. The competition was in Oceanside, California.

I really liked what Coco said. "Growing up in Hawaii, the first thing you learn is respecting your elders. Take that on the road and spread it. Teach it to everyone else." Coco is a great example.

She also said that "having strength and independence as a woman is super important. If you can go out and live your own life and do it on your own, no one can take you down. I think it's real important for girls to be independent, have goals and dreams of their own and see where it takes you."

Coco Ho has qualified for next years world tour.

This year the winner of SUPERGIRL PRO SURFER 2012 was Sage Erickson from the U.S.

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