Friday, November 02, 2012

Found a Dog

I found a little dog yesterday on my way to the gym. It had been out in the rain for a long time and it was shaking. I was worried that it would get hit by a car in the busy traffic so I brought it home so I could find out  where it belonged. It had a harness but no tags. I called PAWS, the Humane Society located in Bellevue, and the King County numbers for animal control. After several calls, I finally found the right number and arranged for a pickup. It didn't take long. I was worried that I would have to take care of it for a couple of days or drive to the shelter to drop it off. I'm grateful they picked it up.

I'm not interested in having a pet. I've had enough pets in my life to last a lifetime. Cats scratch furniture and eat houseplants. Dogs have to be taken outside all the time and walked. There are vet bills. If an animal goes outside then you have to worry about fleas. Dogs bark. Not good. You can't travel with a pet. Not for me....

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