Friday, November 30, 2012

National Novel Writing Month

I just went over the top and finally finished the goal of over 50,000 words this morning. I wasn't sure if I wasn't going to make it with everything going on in my life. It seems like just when you are close to something you want, everything in life seems to make it harder to reach your goal. I'm so grateful that I kept going and that I finished. This time I am not even sick of the novel like in past years. Sometimes I have not wanted to even think of writing for a few days. Now I am anxious to start on my schedule to revise every day to make it work, to make it better.

I'm grateful that there is a National Novel Writing Month. I seem to work better when there is a fire under my rear end. Otherwise, I get complacent and see other things that need doing. I've been great at procrastinating during November. Things needed organizing that I hadn't considered THAT important before. Suddenly I just had to try a certain recipe and mess up my kitchen taking up valuable time. You get it. Everyone does it but not writing for several days during Thanksgiving really took it's toll and made me wonder if I could finish, if I would finish. Spending time with family was important to me so I made that choice. I made it all work and I'm proud of myself.

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