Saturday, November 17, 2012

The brain exercise website, is really good. I'm impressed with the daily exercises offered.

I found that it didn't work out for me. I am not savy about internet security. Sometimes I wish I had hacking skills because hackers have the ultimate knowledge about how to navigate on the internet. Just like an attorney knows how to protect themselves and navigate in the legal world. I wish I had gone to law school too.

The problem that I had was that I had a high score in memory when I started out with the first few exercises--a 96th percentile. I have a great memory, although I sometimes don't let people know. After a few days, I had lots of problems with the security on my computer. My computer would freeze up on the website. When in the middle of a memory exercise, my computer froze. It started out with a 96th percentile and dropped to around 83rd percentile in a few minutes with the frozen computer. I cancelled I figured I can't deal with this. Then they offered me a drop in price, a great discount so I thought I would try again because I explained what happened. It happened again only my memory drop went from 83rd percentile into the mid-60's after my computer froze up again after a few minutes. So I cancelled it again and I am not going to try again. It doesn't work for me. needs to offer an experience using brain exercises that is accurate and with a built in computer security so it can't be tampered with.

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