Friday, November 30, 2012


I love watchng Survivor on television. My favorite on the show is Jonathan Penner.

Today they were auditioning for Survivor at Snoqualmie Casino so I decided to try. I did. I talked to so many amazing people who would be great on the show. So many great choices from the Seattle area for the show. There was a young man who competes in the Ironman challenge in Hawaii. He would be perfect for challenges. One man flew in from Phoenix. He had a great personality. One young woman recently came back from a trip to Finland and also went to Egypt. She said that she was a social anthropologist. There was a young man who auditioned who was born in the Sudan and lived through many challenges so Survivor would be easy for him. I also talked to a charming mother and daughter who both auditioned. The mother was born in Nicaragua. So many nice people. I love talking to people and see all the special qualities they have. They are going to have a hard time choosing from this bunch of people.

It was so much fun to audition. You had a minute so it was like a one minute elevator pitch to tell why you should be on the show. I would love to be picked and be on the show. I love talking to people. I'm very strong because I try to go to the gym almost every day to do Zumba and Body Pump, which is a weights class. I've survived a lot in life and I keep going forward one step at a time no matter what. I have a great attitude and I enjoy life. I know that it is possible to be happy no matter what because it is a choice.

I sure hope I get picked!

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