Thursday, November 15, 2012

Funny Times

Oh, the joy of reaching for the fun of FUNNY TIMES and laughing first thing in the morning. I love it. I need it. There just isn't enough laughter in the world. They say that the best cure for cancer is laughter. The FUNNY TIMES is sure a great subscription as a gift for anyone with cancer, is sick or alone in life.

I'm going to reach for FUNNY TIMES first thing in the morning. I did this morning and I caught myself laughing. I'm going to read or reread it every morning.

If you want some of this fun, send a check for a one year subscription for $26 to
PO Box 18530
Department 8DNF
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

Right now they are offering a free subscription when you buy one for yourself. The only question I have is which one of my kids will receive it. They would all love it, just like me.

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