Thursday, November 08, 2012

Seattle Art Museum

I went on the bus today to the Seattle Art Museum to see ELLES: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou, Paris. They were handing out free art books today to members so I wanted to go. I selected a European art book. I'm very grateful for the beautiful book.

I want to go again to see ELLES and next time to listen to a guided tour. It's nice that they have the audio tour. I saw art created by women who wanted to be recognized and taken seriously as artists. I saw some art created for pure shock value. What I didn't see was social commentary in the art that told the reasons why women painted pictures in Paris in the 1930's instead of being married, having eight children, and living a subservient life. I didn't see tragedy or abuse or great loss depicted in the art. I'm curious as to why. Without knowing the individual stories and background, I can assume that some are brilliant and rebellious, but this was quite a departure from accepted behavior in the 1930's. I guess I want to learn more about these women. I'm curious.

I love to go to the Seattle Art Museum. I get inspired to create art and to paint. I need to take a class.

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