Friday, November 30, 2012

Snoqualmie Casino

I had such a great time today. I called up this morning to see if there was room on the casino bus that stops right next to my apartment building. The lady said yes. It was so much fun to take a ride out into the country on a beautiful bus. When we got to the casino, they gave me a coupon for a free lunch buffet. It's delicious. I had soba noodles with lots of vegetables and chicken cooked on a Mongolian grill with iced tea and a diet coke. Then I had a chicken leg, a slice of ham and a slice of turkey. For dessert I had one marshmallow that was dipped in chocolate and three cookies. Perfect. Couldn't be nicer. going to the casino is like going on a cruise but not leaving land. Great food. So much fun. A party.

I wanted to go to the Snoqualmie Casino this morning to celebrate finishing National Novel Writing Month. I knew that today that there were Survivor auditions at the casino so I wanted to audition. I did. I had a great adventure and so much fun today. I gambled at the penny slot machine having a great time and talked to so many amazing people and had a great lunch. What could be better? I want to go more often to the casino. It's a fun trip to get away. A vacation in a day.

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