Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mayor Mike McGinn

On the front page of the Seattle Times this morning is the headline "Vulcan, McGinn bargain for tall towers at Lake Union." Evidently Vulcan, Paul Allen's real estate firm, wants to build three 24 story high buildings in downtown Seattle and the great Mayor McGinn is negotiating to receive almost an acre of prime land for affordable housing. Mayor McGinn is showing the world how a great mayor operates and deals to get what he needs for the city. Mayor McGinn is probably in demand to teach other mayors how to be a mayor. I bet he gets requests all the time.

When I walk around in downtown Seattle to go to the Seattle Art Museum, I was really shocked to see that the Pike Place Target building that just opened in downtown is so short. It is prime Seattle real estate land and it is only a couple of stories high. I was really surprised. Maybe they were restricted to the size so that they wouldn't restrict the view of surrounding buildings. Maybe there are plans to build it higher or do something more with it like build affordable housing on higher floors for the people who work at Target. I was offered a job at Target downtown but I needed to close, which meant working at night. I didn't feel comfortable riding the bus back to Northgate late at night. I asked that my application be sent back to the Northgate Target. Next thing I know I got called from Appleton, Wisconsin Target HR offering me a job at their Target anytime I want it. Kathy was very welcoming, but that's a little far to go for a part time job. It sounds like a nice, friendly place though. If I ever decide to move to Appleton, Wisconsin, I'll definitely call Kathy in HR.

I love Seattle. I don't want to ever leave. We have the BEST Mayor ever, the most intelligent people, and great opportunities in Seattle.

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