Wednesday, November 14, 2012

LA Fitness

I visited LA Fitness today and yesterday. I was curious. I got a pass so I wanted to check it out.

I'm really impressed with LA Fitness. When you walk through the door, you see high ceilings, lots of cardio equipment and weight machines, a second floor of cardio machines. A pool on the right that is pretty big. I like the architecture. The building feels comfortable. Lots of natural lighting. A smoothie bar. The dressing room is upscale and very nice. They even have handball courts. LA Fitness is more like an athletic club than a gym. It is really nice.

I'm impressed with the manager and Joe, who is in charge of trainers. Joe spent time with me today explaining the program at LA Fitness. I'm impressed that you get a book that you keep with all the workouts.  I'm impressed that I was told for the first time EVER by anyone at a gym that by such a such a date, I can reach my fitness goal if I do this and that to build muscle. It gives a person hope. I'm not kidding about this. I've been a member of several gyms--Court House, Salem, Oregon; Timberhill Athletic Club and Fitness Over 50, Corvallis, Oregon; Olympic Athletic Club and 24 Hour Fitness, Seattle, WA. When they hand you the book that YOU keep and write the measurements and workout data in the book plus give you the expert training, I consider this the ultimate training experience.

Everyone is nice. They made me feel very welcome.

I'm a little odd because I love to go to the gym. Since my priority is health and fitness, becoming a gym rat isn't a bad thing. I love working out. I love going to the gym. I love Zumba. I love strength training.

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