Thursday, June 06, 2013

A Night at the Cotton Club--Seattle Pops Series at the Seattle Symphony

The talent sizzles on stage at the Seattle Symphony for the next few nights. Benaroya Hall is going to be the hot spot, when the Seattle Symphony creates A Night at the Cotton Club for everyone who walks through the door. The band and all the performers are hot! It's going to be pure fun and a joy to watch. Byron Stripling on the trumpet has played with the best bands and orchestras--Carnegie Hall, Count Basie Orchestra, and on and on. He's a performer and owns the stage. He's a strong presence. Carmen Bradford sang the powerful vocals of Ella Fitzgerald and Dorothy Fields. She was the featured vocalist with the Count Basie Orchestra for nine years and recorded with Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and other greats. Ted Louis Levy danced on stage and sang in the tradition of Sammy Davis Jr. Robert Breithaupt was great on drums. Jeff Tyzik as conductor brought it all together to make it special for everyone. They succeeded in making it fun and in creating A Night at the Cotton Club.

My favorites were Here Comes Charlie and Minnie the Moocher. But it was all great. I had a great afternoon.
The Cotton Club in New York was the home of Duke Ellington and all the jazz greats.

I received an invitation to an open rehearsal to A Night at the Cotton Club at the Seattle Symphony. Doors opened at 12 noon. There wasn't assigned seating so I thought I'd see what it was like to sit in the middle section in P13 and then I tried out K1 on the right side. Usually I'm in row W on the left. They are all great seats! But if you are up too close, you can't see anyone past the first row in the orchestra. If that doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if you are really close. I like seeing everyone and watching. So I guess W is great and so is P but K is a little too close up for me, in my opinion.

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