Sunday, June 02, 2013

Business 101

I'm learning about shrink at work. The acceptable percentage of shrink is 1.2%. We have a shrink percentage of 1.3 for the quarter which translates into $36,000. We are not talking little old ladies putting thread in their purse. One supervisor told me that a lot of sewing machines were missing and showed me the several holes cut in the dry wall big enough for a person to crawl through between the new store that is being renovated and the part we are now in. We joked that stuff could be thrown through to the other side. Another supervisor said that she'd like to throw a couple of supervisors through the hole. You could see day light through the hole in one part. In the other places the dry wall was fitted back in to fill the holes. Funny that between last Monday when I worked and Friday, new dry wall was put up on the other side so that you couldn't see through to the other side.

When my husband worked as a manager of a finance company in the 70's, he used to have the receptionist take a lie detector test, if the cash drawer didn't balance. This was company policy. Things are sure different today in the world of business.

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