Saturday, June 08, 2013


I'm starting to read the text for my creativity training coaching class. I'm highlighting words and writing notes in the margins of the ebook I printed out and put in a notebook.

It really reminded me of how strongly I feel about original work and the process of being creative when I read these words:
" Creativity is the expression of a person who has opted to matter and
who has decided to make personal meaning."
--Eric Maisel
To create is so necessary and essential to make meaning and to have meaning in life. Is copying someone else's work creating? I think not. And yet so many people do. I think that to create means to create original work, to express yourself through a chosen medium, whether it be words, fabric, paints, music, and see where it takes you. Yet so many people copy or duplicate or don't even participate in any creative process. It's fun to create and make things and to express yourself through art or words or music.

I'm really looking forward to the process of learning all about creativity and the process to create. I'll be able to help people.

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