Friday, June 28, 2013

One Less Zoomer: and another and another and another and another...............

I submitted my latest novel that I have finished to I'm excited. The title is ONE LESS ZOOMER: and another and another and another and another.......... I've been going back and forth on possible titles. Another one is MISSING ZOOMER.

I still have to do more editing to get the price down. Now it is 29 chapters and 315 pages for a 6 by 9 paperback. I need to bring the font down from Arial 11 to something smaller. I'm learning a lot in the process.

It's a cozy mystery and starting over story set in an apartment building in Seattle. Five people end up missing. Claire, the protagonist, solves the puzzle and works together with friends to find the perpetrator. Zumba is woven throughout the novel and there is a hint of romance between Claire and a retired police detective. It's rated G.

I'm excited. I hope this works because it would sure help me and make such a difference in my life right now to make things easier.

I can't make any changes yet on title or making the font smaller so I have to wait.

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