Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Protect Social Security

I am shocked that President Obama would send the "chained CPI" proposal included in the federal budget to Congress which would cut Social Security Benefits to balance the budget! I am shocked that this would be considered.

Social Security needs to be protected and Medicare needs to be protected. I am shocked that President Obama would put anything on the table to cut Social Security.

I got an alert in the mail today from AARP and I am shocked to hear that a cut in Social Security would even be considered. This isn't how to balance the budget! The money needs to come from large corporations who aren't paying their fair share to make a profit and from the wealthy who collect Social Security and put their money in off shore accounts to avoid paying taxes! The wealthy shouldn't be receiving Social Security benefits because they don't need it. The wealthy should pay more taxes to live in the United States and be able to reap all the benefits. Large corporations who make all the money and profits should pay more taxes for the privilege of doing business in the United States. Little old ladies and little old men shouldn't be robbed of Social Security money when they don't have enough to make ends meet. Now will they have to give up the daily apple in their diet and the green salad and the bus pass?

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