Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is Joe's birthday, my son. He's 35 today! He lives in Florida and is an amazing and busy guy with a family, work, and finishing his degree so he can teach math and science. I miss him because I don't get to talk to him very much. That's what happens when your children grow up and everyone lives in a different state.

On June 15th, it was Daniel's birthday, my youngest son. He was 33. I was 32 when Daniel was born. I was young with 5 kids. They were my whole life and I loved every minute with them. Now Daniel lives in Ohio and he works all the time. I talk to Daniel the most out of all my kids. I'm grateful that he calls me during the week.

My kids are all amazing, independent, and busy. They have great careers and are all brilliant. I'm proud of all of them. I just wish there were more time to spend with them but that's what happens when your kids are successful and independent. That's what parents want for their children. I'm proud of all of them.

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