Sunday, June 02, 2013

Creativity Coach

I've made the decision to become a Creativity Coach. I've already paid the money for the 16 week course. I'll be training with Eric Maisel. A creativity coach works with artists and writers to help them become more productive and to learn more about themselves and the creative process as they work toward their goal. I'm grateful and excited to learn from Dr. Maisel. I feel this is the best thing I could be doing at this time in my life. I enjoy helping others.

By taking this training, I will also be helping myself as I am attempting to enter new writing challenges in my life. I am trying to position myself to make money and to climb to new heights to reach writing goals. I'm excited to take the screenwriting class at UW. I'm considering the Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing at the UW Bothell. I would love to accomplish all this and be successful because then I could teach at a college or university somewhere. A dream come true for me. Becoming a Creativity Coach is a natural fit.

I'm excited. It feels right. Life is good.

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