Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Beginning Zumba

I have been thinking that there needs to be Beginning Zumba classes for those people who are brand new to Zumba and want to try. Zumba Gold is a slower, easier version for seniors and there needs to be Zumba Gold too. But there needs to be a Beginning Zumba that goes over each kind of dance move very slowly and in steps, like is shown in the DVD's from Zumba.com.

I have noticed the last few times that I have gone to Zumba at 24 Hour Fitness that there are people standing and watching in the back or on the side, trying to be part of it but their feet just aren't connecting with what they want to do. This shouldn't be discouraged. There should be a beginning class for people to transition into Zumba. Last night there was a man at the side trying hard to duplicate the instructor. I wanted to go over and offer help but I am not an instructor yet. Last time I went there was a woman in the back who looked confused by it all. This happens often and usually I don't see these people return. It's sad because there needs to be a way to help them get from the very beginning to where they want to be so they can participate in a class, have fun, and feel confident enough to try.

Zumba is probably the number one most amazing way to exercise since it combines interval training, core work, strength training, cardio, and it is a great exercise for the brain plus it puts a smile on your face. It doesn't feel like exercise. Everyone is just having fun moving. People want to be part of it and there needs to be an introduction to Zumba in gyms to help.

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