Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Riding a Bike in Seattle

On the front page of the Seattle Times is the headline, WORSE THAN MANHATTAN?: Bike expert rattled by ride through Seattle. I agree. I think it would be dangerous to ride a bike in Seattle. I think it sometimes is dangerous to be a pedestrian in Seattle.

Corvallis, Oregon was supposed to be a bike friendly city. I disagreed about Corvallis too.

It is dangerous for cars and bikes and people to occupy the same space. It is dangerous. Cars always win.

Some streets should be for cars and buses. Some streets should be for bikes ONLY. Some streets should be for pedestrians ONLY. Cars should park on the perimeter of a city with few streets that go through a city. Buses should have priority.

If we care about climate change, if we care about lowering pollution levels, if we care about health and fitness, then bikes and roller skates and walking should come first!

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