Saturday, June 15, 2013


I don't have television anymore with a DVR. Sometimes I really miss it. I was trying to save money so I decided to try not having television. Then I discovered Huluplus on my computer. I watch almost every day. I've found that there are series that are exclusively on Hulu that I can't find anywhere else so I am starting off with these. I usually watch while I am eating.

I started it off with watching the Librarians, a comedy from Australia. I watched the whole series.

Now I'm watching Little Mosque. It has over 91 episodes so it's going to take awhile. Right now I am on Season 3, Episode 14. This is a great series and I love the characters. I enjoy picking a show with potential and watching it all the way through.

Next I am going to try Rev.

Sign up for Huluplus and when you do, please mention my name and my blog so I get some free time to watch hulu. I'd appreciate it very much. There are a lot of original series on hulu that are worth checking out and watching. I'm just beginning to see all the great new programming only available on huluplus.

I miss my regular shows that I always watched. I have no idea who won Survivor. That's hard. Big Brother is coming up. I'm going to miss out. For all I know it's already going on. Then there are all the mystery shows that I loved to watch like Elementary, Castle, and others. I don't see Rachel Maddow anymore and her hard-hitting news commentary on MSNBC. I'm missing out on Dr. Oz and his inspirational teachings to help me become more healthy. Mad Men is almost over and I don't get to watch it. My CBS soaps are lost to me. I guess I used to watch a little too much.

Now I am writing every morning first thing, which is a good thing. I sure hope that I can revise all my writing so it is good enough so that I can find an agent, publisher.

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