Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Central Market in Shoreline

My new favorite store that I discovered yesterday is Central Market in Shoreline about three miles from my apartment. It's a gorgeous store. It's huge. It has fresh produce that doesn't stop. It keeps going and going and going. The fresh fish looks like Shoreline is right next to the Pacific Ocean...oh, yeah, it is! Chuckle!  : )  Today there were several tanks of live crabs crawling around. My favorite find are the Swedish fruit cookies. I just had to buy one yesterday and I came back for more today. Yes, I know. I don't need to be eating cookies but these are the greatest cookies! Plus they are Swedish cookies!

This store is huge and it just keeps going into little nooks and crannies that seem to be mini stores. I found two aloe vera soap bars for 99 cents that are really nice and would make great gifts. There is so much to look at, so much to explore. There are unusual food items. The store is set up in such an inviting and friendly way. I saw these great reuben sandwiches with a rye bread that is part dark and light rye. Those looked really good. It looks like they have everything you could want and more.

I've been inching out a little bit at a time here in Seattle. I don't know why it took me so long to walk in the door of Central Market. It's a great place. I'm going to love shopping there. In fact, I wouldn't mind living close enough to walk there for groceries. Maybe. However, I think I might rather live in the UW district. I don't know what the future will bring or what will open up. It must be fun to work there. It's a great store. The people who work there are nice.

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