Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Seattle Metro Cuts

Either Seattle and Washington believes in mass transit or not. You can't cut Seattle Metro funding in the budget when MORE money and investment should be put in this area of need. A city is dependent on mass transit to move people without all the clutter and pollution of cars.

I see ads all the time from nonprofits encouraging people to give up and donate their cars. Many people do this and then the bus IS their transportation. You can't encourage getting rid of cars and then cut Metro.

So many people depend on Seattle Metro to get to school, work, events, and to get to another location. I see students all the time studying on the bus. I see seniors with their shopping. I see people coming from work or going to work. I see people coming onto the bus going to events with special costumes. I see families with kids. I see the disabled with dogs. I see people falling asleep because they are so tired and I wonder if they will know when to get off the bus. It's a mix and all these people need Seattle Metro to work, to continue to work, and to give more. We need more buses, more routes, more trains, not less.

Either the Seattle is moving forward into the future or not.

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