Sunday, May 05, 2013


I have a long list of things to do. I keep working on it to check things off. It's a never ending list because some chores have to repeated over and over and over. When I can't finish one thing or if it becomes more complicated than I had expected, I do what I can and then move on to another one. I'm getting a lot done. I also plan my day and make a list of things to do for each day. Some days I don't get everything done so things get moved over to the next day.

This morning I decided to set up my old computer. Everything was going along fine until I found that not all the computer cords were where I had left them so I can't hook up my computer, which I will use for writing. Now I have to let this go until I can buy new cords.

Then I went on to cleaning my vacuum cleaner. I had to take it apart with a Philips screw driver. I put it back together and cleaned it but have to wait for a filter to dry before it is ready to use again.

My old computer has been on my list for awhile. I finally got it back yesterday. I was told that they might have to completely wipe it which would have been hard since there is a lot of writing on this computer plus two of my novels. I'm so happy my computer didn't have to be wiped clean and that all information is still on it plus all the photos. I have decided to keep this computer off line and just use it for writing.

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