Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I really must get in gear and start a regular writing schedule again. I am always inspired by National Novel Writing Month and love this challenge.

First, I must get my apartment organized. The main front room and dining room is now ok but I must get rid of more stuff in my extra bedroom, which is the clutter zone with boxes but I now have my life reduced down to 950 square feet, which is pretty good. My bedroom has too much stuff. I need to clean out my closet and get rid of more furniture in my bedroom. I love my 11 bookcases and books that I brought with me from Oregon. I keep finding new books that are important to buy. I love to read.

I write best in the morning first thing to start my day. Get it done. Out of the way. Two hours is really all that is needed and then the rest of the day is a gift to do whatever I want or what needs to be done. More time can be spent on writing during the day, if I am working on a project.

I miss having something that I need to write for that needs my articles. I love to write. I love to interview people and show all the amazing gifts people have. I have written four novels, a juvenile novel, and two screenplays. I just need to finish revisions but I need someone who wants them. I need to work with a publisher and editor. Or I need a writing partner who just loves to edit and get things in final form and then I can have the adventure of just writing new material all the time and doing a few edits and then handing it off.

Anyway...I am grateful for my life and the possibilities. I'm grateful to live in Seattle. I love my apartment and the location. I love the possibilities of all that I can do in a day. So many wonderful choices.

This month, I think I am going to work on getting more stuff to Goodwill. When it is done, then it is done. I have this long, endless list of things to do. I go from one thing to the next to keep getting things done. It takes a lot of time to just do the day to day stuff to maintain a life.

The first thing every day should be writing and then everything else second. Eating healthy, exercise, and all the fun of living in Seattle mixed with the daily chores.

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