Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Snoqualmie Casino

I spent the day at the Snoqualmie Casino today. The bus stops right next to my apartment building and it takes me right to the casino. It's like going on a vacation for a day or taking a cruise without leaving land. I had a great time. Great food. Fun. And then a ride back home to Northgate.

If you want to sign up and make a reservation to go to the casino for the day, call 1-800-254-3423. You hand the driver of the bus a 10 dollar bill when you get on the bus and he checks your name off the list. When you get to the casino, you are given a voucher for a free lunch buffet or $10 for lunch at any of the other restaurants. You are also given a ten dollar bill. Pretty good. It's a beautiful place out in the country.

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