Friday, May 31, 2013

Joe Hill

The NY Times best selling writer, Joe Hill has a feature interview in this issue of Writer's Digest. He's the son of Stephen King. The article tells about growing up in the King home where both mother and father were published writers. The days were spent writing, reading, and discussing books. Perfect! Oh, it must have been glorious in this home and so nurturing for a writer. It would be cool if Joe Hill could come to Seattle and speak.

Joe Hill wanted to make sure that he was recognized for his talent as a writer so he didn't use the name King. He's received won several coveted writing awards and honors for his work.

His books:
20th Century Ghosts
The Heart-Shaped Box

"One of these lines you hear a lot is, Live like it's your last day on earth! That's a really a terrible piece of advice for a writer. You kind of have to live instead like you're immortal."--Joe Hill.

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