Thursday, May 30, 2013

Living an authentic life

I'm very happy in Seattle. I was thinking today that the main reason is that I am living an authentic life. My actions are in line with my values. I am just being myself. Actually I have always been a happy person and evaluated my life often to make sure that my life is in line with what I feel is important.

I have so many opportunities to learn and grow in Seattle. I'm so grateful to live here. This is the first time that I can make my own decisions about what I want to do and not have to consider anyone else. I can just live and do within the limits of my resources, and ability.

I moved a block from a gym so I could be a gym rat. Health and fitness are my first priority. I'm not there three hours a day, like I should be but I am gearing up for it. I would like to take two zumba classes a day and a weights class. I have zumba dvds at home and other fitness dvds. I just got Gilad dvds in the mail today! Hurray!

I can go downtown on the bus for only 75 cents one way as a senior and visit the Art Museum or Aquarium or Seattle Public Library or Pike Place Market or go to the Seattle Symphony. Once in awhile I want to see a Broadway play. There is so much to do here. I love it. I really believe that Seattle is a mecca for the arts. Perfect place for me.

There are so many wonderful choices here. It's all here in Seattle. It's all close. I'm so happy here. Every day I am grateful to live in Seattle. Living in Seattle is heaven. Alsea was hell. Even though I don't have close friends here, as I didn't in Alsea, there is so much more here to do and see. I am close to everything.

I'm busy every day working on my endless list of things to do. Once in awhile, I just do something fun. It was fun going on the bus today to have lunch with my son, Ben. It was perfect weather today. I love it a little on the chilly side and sunny. It was supposed to be 60 today. I think that perfect weather is 45 to 70. Nothing above 70 or I start to melt into the floor. I really don't like hot weather. The weather in Seattle is perfect with no extremes of hot or cold. I don't mind the rain at all.

I'm happy here. I wish I had moved here a long time ago.

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