Sunday, May 05, 2013

Stories for Boys by Greg Martin

The Seattle Public Library downtown had a special author event at 7 p.m. last night in the Microsoft Auditorium. Greg Martin who wrote the memoir, Stories for Boys was here in Seattle and there was a staged reading performed by Book-It Repertory Theatre. I must say that the actor who played Greg Martin was outstanding and I can see him on stage or in movies because of his depth of emotion in character. What a privilege to see this amazing event!

I'm so glad I went. I haven't ventured out at night on the bus but I thought I would try it and it worked out great. Most people have told me that it's not safe to ride the bus in the evening but I really wanted to go to the library and I knew it would still be light when I got home so I didn't see the problem. Now I know that I can ride the bus, the best bus 41 that brings me in the tunnel under Benaroya Hall, walk two blocks to the library, and come home safely without any problems. Easy as pie. I had such a wonderful time. I should have looked at the schedule closer to see if I could have stayed later.

I stayed to listen to Greg Martin but he was just answering personal questions about his memoir. I would have wanted to hear about his writing process. He teaches at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and he taught for a short period of time at the North Seattle Community college. He teaches creative nonfiction.

I must say though that if he really thinks that his boys haven't read his memoir, he's in denial, which he learned from his mother.

There is so much amazing talent here in Seattle, so many events, so many opportunities to learn and grow. I'm so grateful to be here in Seattle. I love it here. Everything that anyone could want is in Seattle plus it has perfect weather. It has all the cultural events, the arts, the museums, great restaurants, the BEST library. All is good. We have a great mayor and a great governor. I'm so impressed with everything here.

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