Thursday, May 09, 2013

Modern Family

I just watched the latest episode of Modern Family on since I no longer have television. What a great show! It was about roller skating. They were at a rink for a fund raiser and the whole cast of Modern Family was roller skating. What fun!

I recently bought roller skates. I'm a little reluctant to try them out. I need to start slow and go to a roller rink. My goal is to skate around Green Lake. When I do that, I will walk around with a permanent smile. I wish there were more roller skating rinks. Last year for my birthday, I went roller skating with my family. Although I hadn't been on skates for over 20 plus years, after I got used to them, I could zip around at the end of the time. I love roller skating and look forward to going around Green Lake.

I was waiting until my youngest son came to visit to go roller skating. I knew he would hold my hand and he would help me. It doesn't sound like he is coming any time soon and I can't let my skates gather dust until he does come so I must just do it.

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