Friday, May 31, 2013

Post Office Box

I'm going to have to get a post office box for my mail. I've been thinking that I need to do this for awhile. I hate to have the extra expense but I need to know that I am getting my mail. The problem isn't with the Post Office. I applaud the U.S.P.S. and the safe delivery of mail. Where I am having problems is that packages by UPS or FedEx are delivered to the office of my apartment building and sometimes I have a tough time retrieving them. I keep track of all the packages that are to be delivered that are ordered. I pay for everything that comes in the mail so I want my stuff whether it is from L.L.Bean or Zumba or the Disney Movie Club. Yesterday when I went to get the mail because I had a notice from FedEx on the outside of my mail box, I waited by the office door as the manager was talking on the phone. I should have just left. She motioned me inside and waved me to the back room and pointed. So I went in and tried to find my box. I didn't feel comfortable looking for it so I left. Later she called to say that she had my box and to come down for it. It was from Zumba. One time when I told her that I was waiting for something in the mail, she had it in her office drawer and it had been opened. It was a remote that I had ordered from Samsung for my TV. Maybe she thought it was going to be extra interesting considering the shape and size and needed to see. Most of the time I am told there is no package even though by my records it should have been delivered a week or two before. It's frustrating. Sometimes I wonder if I get all my stuff. One time I didn't receive a package and called to say that it didn't come so they canceled the order and removed the charge. It had been a month since I should have received it. Then I talked to someone else who works in the office and she gave me the package so I called and let the business know that I received the package and they put the charge back on my credit card. I don't understand this.

Right now I have been waiting for two Disney movies that should have been received two weeks ago that are paid for, another package from Zumba, and a shirt to wear to work and a new swimming suit from L.L.Bean.

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