Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reforming Worker's Comp

On page A13 of the Seattle Times this morning is an editorial about reforming workman's comp. To give cash settlements to the disabled will leave the disabled without protection and allow predators to swoop in for the kill and it will literally be for the kill. Not all disabled are savvy about how to protect themselves financially and many will not know how to take care of the money. They will be at the mercy of those who hear about their money and who will go after it. Sure, it is one way to help the budget but unless there is another protector for each disabled person, the disabled will be vulnerable, out in the streets without anything. And even though a church, nonprofit, private business, or family member claim they will be the protector of the disabled person, things change, priorities change, budgets have problems, and there is no real guarantee that the vulnerable will be protected for life. The only real protector of the minorities and disabled and the vulnerable is the government. And right now, the homeless are homeless!!! Do you want more in wheelchairs sitting on the curb?

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